Practical wisdom that will teach you to think differently and act accordingly.
The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants

For Change-Makers and herb-lovers who want to align with spiritual principles 
that lead to a more peaceful & fulfilling life. 

Hi I'm Shelley... Thank you for checking out the Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants! This is my FAVORITE material to teach and I'm thrilled you are here! Please watch this video below to learn a little more about me and this incredible program... 

Dear Wisdom Seeker Ready for Change,
This is your behind-the-scenes immersion into a world where spiritual healing principles and
herbal medicines meet to catalyze a change in YOU.

While the information offered here is fascinating, experiential, and fun, the most important tool I am offering you is a life-raft and a way out of being stuck if you are sinking.

These teachings serve as a spiritual and mental launch pad no matter who you are or the circumstances you are in.

These teachings are the foundation to change your thinking so that you can get free from that voice inside your head that keeps telling you something is wrong with you and your life. 

You will learn to take daily actions so that you can experience peace and freedom in the day that you are in. 

This is the big shift you are seeking! I know you know what I am talking about or you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Be kind to yourself, say yes to something that is good for you. Do this ASAP so you can feel deep in the center of your being that life is conspiring towards your success in everything you do.

Say yes to your own growth so that you can experience happiness and contentment.

stop resisting your life... 
Learn to surrender in a good way so that you are not in a constant state of struggle.

Imagine How this will change YOU…

Each plant brings a teaching and solves a problem...

  • Embrace a new definition of Humility as you learn to do a traditional plant brushing with Fresh Basil softening your heart and giving meaning to a living a life of love and service. {Problem solved: stuck in the bondage of self- do you spend way too much time worrying about things you cannot control?}
  • ​Kava will teach you to surrender more fully into the unknown with a greater sense of relaxation and trust as your nervous system unwinds from years of excess stress. {No surrender, no flow, no fun, no trust}
  • ​Allow the teachings of Marigold that come from the healing traditions of Mexico teach you to connect with your ancestral spirits. It is said that Marigold is the only plant that the Spirit realm can smell from the other side and work to guide our ancestors to help direct us. {Problem solved: Feel alone and without guidance. Seek to pull in divine wisdom in decision making}
  • ​Learn the spiritual principle of acceptance though the teachings of Angelica and the concept of being “the hollow bone” in life, learning to allow energies and circumstance we may push back against to move on through us without creating harm or resistance. {Problem solved: Resistance to what is, when we push against what is supposed to pass through us (like the wind goes around us) we feel restless, irritable, and discontent}
  • ​Compassion is the teaching of Lemon Balm. Let her nourish and uplift your mood and teach you to talk gently to yourself as you cultivate practices that grow and deepen your compassion for yourself and others. {Problem solved: The opposite of feeling compassionate is feeling judgmental or critical of others. Do you compare yourself to others? Does it leave you feeling empty and lost? Lemon Balm will teach you the age-old wisdom of not comparing your insides to other people’s outsides}
  • ​If you seek more freedom Wild Oats is here to help you break free. This plant will lead out of mental “closed-circle distress” and mind chatter that keeps you stuck. {Problem solved: If you listen and believe all of your thoughts you end up trapped in a cycle of thinking that in unproductive versus becoming willing to open your heart and mind to new ideas}
  • ​Hawthorn works to “oil the hinge of the heart”, meaning it helps us develop courage and boundaries so we can open up to life and say yes, and learn better discernment when something is a “no”. {Problem solved: Do you have trouble trusting yourself, others or life in general?}
  • ​Learn a little something extra from Lavender. She is the one who is loyal and willing to show up and teach us her physical medicine of Aromatherapy and bump up our wellbeing. Lavender is known as the balm of the soul. {Problem solved: Question? Do you stand up for what you believe, and do you trust fully?}
  • ​Dive into the rich herb lore of Rose, learn to make your own “Rose Holy Water”, Rose Petal Sugar Cookies and how to use Rose for healing the spirit and softening grief. {Problem solved: If you have been wounded by love and relationships, does your heart still hurt?}
  • ​Need more Passion in your life? Most of us do…but not only the physical kind (although Damiana is famous for stirring that up, too!), Damiana holds the teachings that help you cultivate a passion for your own life. Plus…just wait for the “Damiana Song” by my dear friend and colleague, herbalist, and artist, Monticue Connally {Problem solved: I don’t really know myself and what I want in life and am not sure deep down that I deserve to live a creative and powerful life. I want to align with my passions and let go of what is holding me back.}

In 2009, I got hit by “the Cosmic 2x4”...

I went through what I call the “Kali-Ma” divorce from hell. And the experience almost killed me. In fact, it took me so far down into the depths of emotional distress that I got trapped there for two years. I didn’t want to get out of bed, and I started using alcohol to self-medicate. At that point, there was no other solution that seemed to help me. The truth is that I give thanks every single day that I made it out of that time alive and
that I learned what I did. 

I give gratitude to that powerful spiral into darkness and I honor the transformative power that Kali-Ma, the Hindu deity of fire played in my transformation. You see for me, it was all or nothing. I was going to be changed by fire and woken up or I was going to die. If you have ever experienced this edge, you know what I am talking about.

Kali does her work well, and she does it thoroughly. She burns things to the ground. She burns your life to the ground. But she only removes that which is not essential to your true nature. She gets rid of what you do not truly need so that you can become who you truly are. 

It was where everything that I thought I had to have to feel safe and secure in life, outside of myself, got stripped away.

And in that place of seeming nothingness, I was placed safely and firmly on a path of profound and lasting change based on a whole new way of thinking and being in the world.

For me, it was the beginning of a series of defining experiences in the development of in humility.

Now I did not do this alone, this is something others helped me with. In this journey for me I got an extra lucky gift. We call it the “gift of desperation”. Drinking alcohol, which had never been on my radar as an issue literally within a matter of six months spun out of control. This happens to women more quickly for many reasons than it does to men. And that was my experience. Fast and furious.

Now you may be thinking that this sounds horrible or maybe you feel sorry for me. Or maybe you can relate?

It turns out, this was my lucky break. As a super self-sufficient, make it happen woman, I had to be truly beaten down by life, physically sick, spiritually bankrupt and in a deep-dark hole to be willing to accept help from an unlikely source.

What made it so difficult for me to see my way out of it was that I was a teacher and community leader that so many women looked up to. I found myself on the outside of the circles that I led and alone. I had been in therapy with great therapists for so many years, I had been surrounded by powerful women mentors. Yet there I was.

This is where the blessing of the drinking comes in. It led me to the spiritual solution that allowed all my other healing tools and wisdom to come back to life. I found myself in a circle of Alcoholics Anonymous and neck deep in the process of 12-step recovery. Thank goodness I was in enough emotional pain that I was willing to listen, and I thank Spirit that I didn’t have a bunch of mental blocks that caused my ears to close the minute I heard the word “God”. A lot of
people I talk to who walk away from these programs do so not because they don’t need the message, the support or the program of recovery, it’s because defiance and denial are so strong that that they will latch onto something so simple and miss the entire point of the teachings.

As a society, we are no longer simply looking for solutions to health problems; we are seeking natural, earth-centered tools for physical, emotional, and, spiritual healing. 

Are You Ready?

  • Unlock a powerful mindset shift so that you can experience peace and freedom in the day that you are in. Meaning…in this moment, now!
  • To change and grow, to think differently and act accordingly.
  • ​ To be a better human being in this world as you navigate the ups and downs of daily life.
  • For ​the help of the healing plants to do work on your nervous system while you learn to rewire your thinking patterns.
  • To take the learning leap and get out of the patterns that keep you in a state of distress.   
  • ​Ready to regain your emotional and spiritual freedom?

If you answered YES to even one question above.. 
Then you're in the right place! 



Spiritual Principles That Lead To A More Peaceful & Fulfilling Life. 

Here's What You'll Receive In This Powerful Program:

  • The best of my 25+ years of herbal experience brings combined with my deepest wisdom of how to live a life of love and service guided by spiritual principles and herbal teachings. 
  •  I will teach you what she knows about how to live life in alignment with spiritual principles and how the plants serve as our teachers to help us learn these lessons.
  • 10 teaching sessions focusing on traditional healing techniques learned from y elders in Mexico and Belize but applied to 10 of our most important herbs used in western herbal medicine traditions.    
  •  Detailed video teachings, just like being in class, except better…you can go back and catch every important detail. The videos are yours for life.
  • 10 powerful and in-depth video lessons.  
  •  Teaching handouts for each lesson.
  • Two sets of PDF handouts per plant (one, Shelley’s Teaching Notes, the other, the PDF slides of the teaching that match the video-that way you can go back over the exact details and wording I use without rushing to take notes) 
  •  For the first time ever-Digital PDF copies of the presentation (this is new and something I never give out!)
  • Key herbal recipes for each plant teaching. 
  • Simple, easy to make recipes for teas, cordials, tinctures, syrups, and tons of DIY herbal fun.
  • A clear understanding of how to use both the herbs and the spiritual principles in your everyday life starting the minute you hit play on the first video.
  • Practical application through storytelling of how to put these spiritual principles to practice immediately in your daily life.
  • Tons of fun storytelling of herbal adventure and fun that will connect you deeply to the plants!
  • An inside peek at how life has taught me these lessons, both the beauty and the some of the pain behind the real growth process. You will gain a deep understanding of 10 of our most important medicinal herbs.

The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants Normally Sells For...

$1997 USD

*** For a Limited Time - You Can Start Today For 
Only $997 USD 


(2) Monthly Payments of $550 USD

Plus... You'll receive these 2 incredible BONUSES... .

Bonus: Herb Walk Webinar Video Teaching of 20 additional plant allies (Value $100)

The opportunity to go on a Virtual Herb Walk with me and learn tons of new plants as if you were sitting with me learning face to face. Grab your notebook!

Bonus E-Book: Herbal Medicine 101 (Value $47)

Critical herbal know-how teaching you the basics of herbal preparations and how to get started using herbs. This book is perfect if you have herbal experience of if you are just starting out. Tons to learn for every skill level.

What Students Are Saying...


• A fresh new way of looking at how plant medicines can deliver wisdom teachings in addition to being your favorite herbal medicines.

• Learn spiritual principles of humility, surrender, grace, compassion and more in a way that is practical, applicable and will withstand the ups and downs of life. 

• Embrace traditional healing practices that will enhance your everyday life and sweeten your experience of being alive-- right here, right now. 

• Allow the plants to do the work on your nervous system while you learn to rewire the thinking patterns that keep you in a state of distress. It is time to regain your freedom! 

Sharing this with you delights my spirit and warms my heart.
~ Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

This has never been offered before as a stand-alone course. It is part of my Community Herbalist Certification Program but with so much life uncertainty and pain in the world I decided to bring this forward as a single offering for a limited time.

These teachings work for the times we are living in. I am certain that this information will help to relieve suffering and uplift all of us.

Starting today, stop resisting your life. Learn to surrender in a good way so that you are not in a constant state of struggle.

Why not seek help and relief? This is for you if your mind is killing you and your peace of mind is fleeting. 


Q: Will this teach me what I need to know to use herbal medicine in my daily life?
A: This will give you a huge jumpstart to get you going with information you can use immediately. are practical, healing, and credible. 

Q: Will I really feel relief from the voice inside my head that is telling me that nothing is ok and that I am not ok.
A: Yes, if you dedicate yourself to integrating the teachings and begin to practice these principles in your life. You will begin to see change right away.

Q: Can I really count of this changing my life?
A: Life is messy, and you need all tools on board. Change is up to you. Willingness, open-mindedness and a desire to grow are the only prerequisites for change.
Q: I am down in the dumps and need a lifeline out. Can this help me?
A: This is designed as to help you help yourself, so YES!

Q: Tell me how Humility will help me right now when all I feel is a sense of defeat when I look at my circumstances. 
A: Basil is the teacher of humility and surrender. She teaches us to surrender in a sweet way and allows us some space to breathe in her sweet aroma. It isn’t easy to accept what we don’t like. Watch how
these principles and plants go to work to change you and your
experience of your life.
Q: I am depressed, anxious, exhausted and feel overwhelmed. How can this help me get some relief?
A: Relief is on the way! This course provides tools to change your thinking patterns combined with simple herbal teachings that nourish the nervous system.


Your two choices...

Ok, I am going to be straight with you here. When life is a struggle, it hurts. It can be a mild hurt, or it can be a huge pain. I have experienced both mild pain and deeply painful struggles personally. I have overcome them using the teachings I am presenting to you here. I now know how to let the waves of life wash up upon my shores and not pull me out to sea.

I hope that you don't have to get hit by the cosmic 2x4, in order to grow along spiritual lines. Most people only grow when they are hurting, and life is doing something to them that they don't like or don't want. If that is you, that’s ok. It is not too late!

The real problem stems from the fact that most of us have issues with control and have been taught that can use our mind to think our way out of our pain. This never works!

So, what do you do if you can't use your mind to solve your mind's problems? Talking about our issues in therapy helps, but it doesn't change our true nature. And we find ourselves repeatedly with new problems and no lasting solution.

That is what I like about the Hindu deity Kali-Ma…she is known as the destroyer. She comes in and does you a favor in disguise. And when she is at work on your life, it does not feel like a favor. It feels like you are dying. She comes in and burns the village of your life (this can be your outer life or your inner-self) to the ground.

But she leaves you a changed person if you let her do her job thoroughly.

You might ask, what does this have to do with Spiritual Teachings and growth? Well, let me tell you…

If during a huge life crisis or profound forced or chosen change, you were to reach your hands up to the heavens, tip your head back and take a deep breath, exhale, and exclaim…

"Ok, Kali-Ma do with my life what you will; I trust this, I'll go along for the ride." I will be transformed by your fire; she would change you. She will change you.

She will do two things for certain:
1. She will burn your life to the ground.
2. And she will remove anything from you that is not essential to your true nature. Read that again. She will remove anything from you that is not essential to your true nature.

That means that things will leave, people will go, but you will be left with what you need to grow. You will be left with what you need to transform into who you are supposed to become.

And guess what? Here is your toolkit to get through the birth canal of your own life and out onto the other side—remade, intact, and much wiser, happier, and healthier for the journey.

I'm not saying it was easy- it was actually kind of hellish. But it taught me what I needed to know to help people just like you make the same passage. The Spiritual Teachings of this course will be your shovel, pick-ax, flashlight, boat, oxygen tank, and map.

It will also be the sweet scent of Basil and the gift of Marigold that will guide your way, soften your heart, and allow your ancestors and guides to find you.

It will be the thing that makes you into a wise and happier human on this planet.

And my greatest hope is that it will inspire you to keep showing up for yourself and others. The world desperately needs change-makers and freedom-seekers!

What I am teaching you here is a lasting solution to the pain and isolation of being stuck in your own stuff. It will teach you seek help from the realm of the spirit. And allow it to come to your rescue daily.

So, here's to saving yourself. You are worth it, and your life will only get better from here. This course and my teachings go along with the principle of progress, not perfection. That means each inch you move is the perfect inch. The growth that happens along spiritual lines is the growth that transforms you. And practicing these principles daily is the glue that makes it all stick.

Let's do it!
In Love and Service,
Shelley Torgove

The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants Normally Sells For...

$1997 USD

*** For a Limited Time - You Can Start Today For 
Only $997 USD 


(2) Monthly Payments of $550 USD

Plus... You'll receive these 2 incredible BONUSES... .

Bonus: Herb Walk Webinar Video Teaching of 20 additional plant allies (Value $100)

The opportunity to go on a Virtual Herb Walk with me and learn tons of new plants as if you were sitting with me learning face to face. Grab your notebook!

Bonus E-Book: Herbal Medicine 101 (Value $47)

Critical herbal know-how teaching you the basics of herbal preparations and how to get started using herbs. This book is perfect if you have herbal experience of if you are just starting out. Tons to learn for every skill level.

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