“Virtual Herb Walk” 
with Shelley Torgove, 
Clinical Herbalist 
 Learn Herbal Medicine from Nationally Recognized Herbalist Shelley Torgove of Artemisia & Rue 

Find out which healing plants fresh from the garden are in this herbalist’s medicine basket and how to best use them!

Shelley's unique integration of Western herbs and beautiful wisdom teachings from the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and Latin America weaves together traditional healing practices and local “bio-regional” herbalism. Giving you the best skills of Western Herbal Medicine combined with the earth-centered traditional healing of 
the Maya culture.

 It is the gem that sets her work apart from other teachers.

Start out smart in your herbal adventures and learn to stay safe with the Apiaceae Family plants-otherwise known as the Carrot & Parsley Family. This plant family contains our safe garden edibles, the deadly poisons (Poison Hemlock and Water Hemlock), and our beloved and powerful wild medicine plants, Angelica and Osha.  
Learn the art of "cross-pollination" as I show you how to weave traditional healing practices from Mexico and Latin America with Western Herbal Medicine. Topics covered include using plants for spiritual healing, plant brushing or traditional "limpia". Learn about the superpowers of Basil, Rue and Marigold.
Learn to use key culinary herbs as healing home remedies that never fail. The simple, aromatic culinary herbs make powerful healing allies for everyday herbal first aid. My favorite Sage tea for a sore throat, Rosemary or Thyme for sinus congestion, and every kitty's favorite, Fresh Catnip, is for digestive issues. What's in your garden?


Stick around until the end of the masterclass and I'll gift you with 3 of my favorite 
Herbal E-books absolutely FREE! 

A compilation of all my favorite recipes & foundational teachings on Herbal Medicine... with a hefty dose of FUN, DELICIOUS AMAZINGNESS! 

Ebook #1: Herbal Medicine 101

Understand and learn herbal preparations, how to make teas, tinctures, infused oils and salves! Really setting the foundation for these preparations and how to use them. 

Ebook #2: Elixers, Syrups & Potions

A collection of some of my favorite recipes using things like fire cider, aphrodisiac potions, my winning cough syrup recipe... Amazing Deliciousness Inside! 

Ebook #3: Herbal Skincare For All Seasons

How to make face creams and lotions, how to do body balms, scrubs and face masks... it even has a section on skincare for TEENAGERS! 

About Your Presenter
Shelley Torgove is a nationally known Clinical Herbalist and and botanical medicine  practitioner specializing in women’s health. 

Shelley has been practicing and teaching herbal medicine for over 25 years.  The result is a unique body of work that weaves the knowledge of local plants, both from the garden and the wild, with the beauty of Traditional Healing Practices learned from her Maya teachers in Mexico and Latin America.
Shelley is a natural storyteller who loves sharing from the heart. This keeps her close to the wisdom of the plants and connected to the lineage of her teachers and the teachings.
So grab a pen, and let's go learn!


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The wisdom shared in this webinar is meant to be a substitute to seeking medical care when needed. You have the power to become your own best herbalist but please seek wise counsel when you are experiencing issues that are beyond your skill level.