This is Your Window of Opportunity to Get Pregnant! Don't Miss It
Focus on Your Fertility NOW!

Vital Self-Care Practices to Tip the Scales in Favor of Conception

This Program Is a Profoundly Nourishing and Informationally In-Depth Women's Self-Care Fertility Program.

It will give you the most critical self-care tools to help you get pregnant.

We will tip the scales in favor of conception and a healthy pregnancy with powerful womb-healing and spirit-strengthening practices to positively impact your fertility starting TODAY

Self-care is the pathway to power

Dear Strong Woman and Mama-To-Be,

I know you are on the journey of a lifetime. I speak from experience when I say this because I have been there myself. 

Let's be honest...

This journey can feel like a rollercoaster of emotions.

  • Fear that you're not going to get pregnant. 
  • The Frustration you experience when it seems like 'everyone else' is pregnant, and the shame that comes from not being able to feel happy for other women around you. 
  • ​When it comes down to it, the bottom line is you might feel abandoned by God or Spirit.
  • You may feel disconnected from your body and especially your womb and perhaps you're feeling disconnected from your partner. 
  • ​And so much more... 

For once in my life, Shelley empowered me to let go of control, and within three months of working together, I was pregnant! 

"At this point in my journey, I was heartbroken, felt helpless, guilty, and like my body was completely broken. I watched friends right and left announce pregnancies, and felt full of shame that something was wrong with me. So, when I was referred to Shelley, I immediately called. 

The moment Shelley answered the phone, she greeted me with a loving and accepting voice. She promptly scheduled me for the next day, and it was the first time in over a year I had felt any glimmer of hope. As I walked into Shelley's office, I was embraced with open arms, a genuine hug, and a partner that I knew was on my side. Over the next few months, Shelley helped me find the gift in the darkness, and realize that I wasn't broken. She taught me to love my body for what it was and re-instilled a sense of hope in not only my life but also my husband's. Overall, for once in my life, Shelley empowered me to let go of control, and within three months of working together, I was pregnant! 

Shelley is an irreplaceable healer that you absolutely need in your life, during your fertility challenges, and forever. Two years after working together, I still carry with me her teachings, wisdom, and healing much that we're pregnant again with no fertility treatments! 

I will never be able to thank Shelley enough for the power she has instilled in me, and the joy she has brought to my family through her teachings."    ~ Dani P

Hear me out, please. I speak from my own personal experience plus 25 years and thousands of hours of helping women just like you get pregnant.

If you are deeply engaged in the monthly ups and downs of the “trying to get pregnant rollercoaster," there is HOPE. 

This process is shaping you in a way that sometimes feels like it is killing you, but I promise you it serves a purpose.

Only someone who has been where you are can ever really know what it feels like. Understanding this journey and its painful struggles can’t be taught in a course or read in a book. 

Only someone who has worked their way through it and come out a different woman on the other side of it can truly light the path for you. 

It is rare to meet a woman who has lived it intimately, who has the personal experience to match her professional expertise.  

That is what I have and who I am. 

My Own Fertility Struggle...

When I was 33, when I started to try to get pregnant. I was optimistic that with all my knowledge, I wasn't going to have a problem. That turned out not to be the case. 

Soon, I was trapped in a cycle of trying and losing. 

A lot of time went by. Three years, in fact. Imagine, I'd been doing this work with women all these years, I had never thought that it would be my own personal problem. But it was. It was hard for me to get pregnant; it was even harder for me to stay pregnant. 

I found out that I had a blood clotting disorder that was responsible for my three miscarriages. I went from wanting to have a water birth at home to having my pregnancy "managed" by a high-risk OB-GYN and having to do blood thinning injections into my belly two times a day my entire pregnancy. 

First, the years of uncertainty unraveled me and made me willing to do whatever was necessary to get and stay pregnant, and then it softened me to be able to handle doing those shots. 

In the end, it was all fine, and I had a sweet little baby girl named Lucy Blue. She is the light of my life and just got her driver's permit. Yikes! Time flies when you stop waiting and start living. That's my story. So I mean it when I say I get it. I lived it. It is my story.

Looking back on my own struggles getting pregnant, I can see that I was in training! Trust me, at the time, and I couldn’t see it. 

I was enrolled in the prequel to the big show, and I was unprepared for what I would find there. As the journey evolved, I discovered all kinds of things about myself that terrified me.

I bumped up against realities I wasn’t prepared to meet in that great uncertainty I was living in. I felt abandoned by my God, by my own body. I felt weak in the face of it all. 

But I kept going until I became a different woman. It’s not like I wasn’t strong and self-reliant before meeting up with my fertility issues. I was. Self-reliance took me far. And then it ran me straight into a wall.

Every nook and cranny held something that made me super sensitive to everything around me-especially all the other pregnant women. Nobody warned me that getting pregnant that would require every ounce of courage I had inside of me and at times I wanted to give up. 

The hidden gem in the biological drive and heartfelt longing for a baby is that the desire is so deep that it doesn’t give up, and it doesn’t give in.

This journey taught me intense resiliency and how to keep going when there was no end in sight. I found that it required me to change so I could allow my journey to unfold organically. 

In the end, it taught me the essential skills that I would need down the road to take care of a baby and myself at the same time. It taught me how to raise a daughter to become a powerful young woman. It continues to teach me how to support women like you. 

Trust me when I say- hang in there, you are closer than you realize to becoming pregnant and having a baby! Good things are headed your way. And soon! 

If it can happen for the countless women I’ve worked with who are now mamas, it certainly can work for you too!

So if you desire to... 

  • Wake up each day and feel hopeful again.
  • Go back to being patient and willing to let this process take the time it needs, but still hurry up and get pregnant!
  • ​Have new tools to take action that will positively affect the desired outcome, getting pregnant!
  • ​Have fewer appointments with specialists or other practitioners! To not feel burned out!
  • ​Feel happy and care-free again like before this all started.
  • Re-connect and feel the desire to be intimate with your partner.
  • Go back to when sex was fun and playful instead of it feeling stressful. 

Then you are in the right place. 

I will show you how women in other cultures work with their bodies to ensure that the center of your being- your womb - is in optimal health and correct position.

I will teach you how to literally “take your womb into your own hands.”

My teacher, Rosita Arvigo from Belize, would say, "When a woman's uterus is out of balance, nothing in her life will feel right" - It means when a woman takes her womb into her own hands, works to correct the position, takes her herbs, knows her cycle, she will feel balanced and whole.

You see... You have the power!

You are a woman of power, beauty, strength, and grace. You are calm in the face of uncertainty; the more life spins, the more you pull out your self-healing tools to align yourself. Fear ceases to follow you.

You are a woman armed with ancestral wisdom. You have the tools to soften and create. You have learned to harness the feminine powers of creation both in your body and in your life. The struggle has ceased.

You light a candle and connect with your inner-most self. You make your offering at your baby altar, and you pray in your sacred way, asking for help on this journey of the spirit. 

You have access to a whole new way of walking this path. With your head held high, your shoulders down and relaxed, you feel in your belly that absolute trust that everything will work out.

You have changed. Like the caterpillar that went into the chrysalis and stayed there until an unseen transformation occurs, you now emerge as a butterfly with wings strong and sturdy. You are no longer afraid of the dark or the emotions that reside inside of you. 

Once you experience that depth of transformation, you know that anything and everything is possible. What once looked like a miracle or a far-off hope now is growing in your belly. The seed has been planted; the baby is on the way. You are on the path to becoming a mama. 

It All Comes Down To This.

You've got to dig deep, You've got to...

  • Develop a different relationship with Fear as it relates to pregnancy and becoming a mother. Can you imagine developing the natural tendency to relax in the face of uncertainty instead of feeling afraid or tense?
  • Learn to engage with the embarrassment that you feel the way you do about all the women around you getting pregnant easily. This will change you forever in a good way!
  • Deepen or develop a new, practical, and more durable (and powerful, feminine-centered) relationship with Spirit or God. Learn new tools to nurture your connection, so this aspect is working to help you become pregnant.
  • ​Arm yourself with a set of daily self-care tools that are inspiring, health-enhancing, fertility improving with the clear purpose of helping you connect or re-connect with your body, your being, your womb, your partner, and with all of life.
  • Jump off the rollercoaster and into a spirit-filled experience that will ground you, strengthen you and show you that you are not crazy or losing it, you are ready for a major shift in how you think and show up in the world.
Whether you are preparing for IVF, IUI's, or just learning about your body's fertility signs and beginning to dream of a baby, this work is tailored for YOU.

Self-care is the name of the game, and it is designed for our times!

Fertility Begins Today with the... 

Focus On Your Fertility Now! Program 

Vital Self-Care Practices For Women Wanting A Baby!

Based On The 4 cardinal directions of a medicine circle

  • physical - womb, herbs, traditional healing
  • ​emotional - tools to deal with shame, contrary action
  • ​spirit - prayer and baby altar
  • mental - fear inventory

It is delivered in a way that brings you all the essential teachings I share following this time-tested sequence. 

This Program includes all four key pillars of my work: 

The simple herbal wisdom women need. 

The traditional healing practices I have learned in Mexico and Belize that work best as self-care practices...

My knowledge of the menstrual cycle and fertility awareness as it relates to getting pregnant... 

Plus the spirit-strengthening techniques I teach my clients that are sweet, healing and mentally and emotionally transformative.

Most of all, this work bares fruit. It changes lives, it softens the journey, and it shows real results.

The Focus On Your Fertility Now! Program is perfect for women who...

  • Have been trying to get pregnant and finding that it isn't as easy as people make it seem.
  • Are preparing for IVF, IUI's, or just learning about your body's fertility signs and beginning to dream of a baby. 
  • Feel like you're at the end of your rope, you've done everything and still not got to the outcome you desire. 

Here's what you'll learn Inside This Program:

  • How to immediately take advantage of your personal "Window of Opportunity" to prepare for pregnancy, whether you are preparing for IVF, IUI, or just beginning your fertility journey.
  • Traditional Healing Practices for Fertility and Women's Health.
  • Specific instruction on" How to Take Your Womb into Your Own Hands" as you follow simple steps to nourish, heal, and physically prepare your womb for a successful pregnancy.
  • Understand what your menstrual cycle is showing you about your fertility and what you can do to tip the scales in favor of conception.
  • ​Learn to make both cycle-changing and micro-adjustments to your menstrual health using simple and straightforward herbal solutions.
  • ​Make a shift that will change everything. Begin to "Live a Spirit-Filled Life" that honors the power of being a woman and connects or deepens into a more Feminine and Earth-Centered Spirituality that naturally supports fertility, creativity, and feeling safe on this journey.

This is Your Window of Opportunity to Get Pregnant! Don't Miss It!

What you'll get in our Work together:

5 90-Minute 
1:1 Sessions with Shelley to address your needs and infuse hope & strength

4 Power-packed modules that contain over 30 wisdom teaching lessons

Access to private facebook group with Shelley Torgove for Q&A

Pdf resources that will keep you informed and on track with the modules  

Video trainings with step-by-step instruction where I show you how to use hands-on self-care techniques. 

​Wisdom teaching take-away's that will inspire and motivate you to integrate what you are learning.

Uplifting, spirit-strengthening wisdom infused in all teachings, group-process coaching, and any individual work. 

A deep infusion of experience, strength, and hope that is lasting and can be tapped into daily. 

This work IS the critical inch! 

It will carry you across the finish line with both power and grace.

It is “The Critical Inch” because it brings together and boosts the success of everything else you are doing to prep for pregnancy and to enhance your fertility.

This Program is Cutting Edge, Yet It Has Deep Roots In Traditional Healing Practices I learned in years of study of traditional maya medicine in the villages of my teachers.

It is the culmination of 20+ years of clinical work, practical application, research, and seeing results in real-time! 

The testimonials and beautiful outcomes are abundant. 

It makes every aspect of a difficult journey lighter, softer, and more spirit nourishing.

Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Shelley is a practicing Clinical Herbalist, trained Fertility Awareness Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist. She is an international teacher and nationally recognized botanical medicine practitioner with over 25 years of experience, specializing in herbal medicine for women, fertility issues and menstrual cycle problems. Shelley was one of the first students trained in Maya Abdominal Massage by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Hortense Robinson and Beatrice Waight in Belize. Currently each year she leads students to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to study traditional Maya healing as it pertains to women’s health and fertility. Shelley spent twelve years working closely and co-teaching with Daniel Pool-Pech, one of the great traditional Maya healers of our time, beginning in 2006. Through her teaching and private practice work, she shares the wisdom teachings that have been passed down to her from the traditional healers she has apprenticed with in Mexico and Latin America. Shelley’s teachings demonstrate how to weave the working knowledge of Bio-regional herbalism (plants of the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest) with the beauty of Traditional Healing. Shelley is the owner of Artemisia & Rue.

The "Focus on Your Fertility Now! Program is a unique body of work that I have developed over the last 20 years working with clients. It has never been brought to life in a digital format. Honestly, I have never met another healthcare practitioner that weaves these skill sets together. So this is a first- it only took me 20+ years to bring it to life!

The "Focus on Your Fertility Now! Program is a spiritual and physical program of Action that heals YOU!

You will see and feel the results of working with your own body and being pro-active on your own behalf regarding the health of your womb and your menstrual cycle. You will begin to take simple daily actions to nourish your fertility, pay attention to your thinking, and allow what can be a struggle to become a transformative process preparing you for motherhood.


If you're currently... 

Waiting and waiting and being told to wait for a full 12 cycles before being pro-active on your own behalf.

But you're worried...

That you are at a time in your life when waiting for an entire year of not getting pregnant to be proactive is not the right move for you. 

This program will give you the confidence to...

Trust that your intuitive wisdom is vital. While the doctors tell you to either wait to see what happens or hurry up and move forward with a plan, you can implement multiple strategies to improve your fertility.

If you're currently... 

Charting your cycle but not understanding what to do when you see something is out of balance

But you're worried...

About how to change things, i.e., improve cervical fluid or lengthen the luteal phase

This program will give you the confidence to...

Understand your particular fertility pattern and use herbs and self-healing techniques to correct the issues.

I can help you. I know I can because I have done it a thousand times. I can’t promise you an exact outcome. I would never presume to play God. But I can give you everything I know and show you how to use it...

  • I can give you the self-care tools to make this journey infinitely less painful.
  • I can give you wisdom teachings that will change the lens through which you view your life through.
  • I can teach you techniques that very few women in this culture ever come across that will allow you to change your connection to the center of your being - your womb center.

Do not wait any longer to take the power of your fertility journey back into your own hands and stop any
suffering that can be avoided. 

Today you claim your POWER...

The Focus On Your Fertility Now! Program

Vital Self-Care Practices To Tip The Scales In Favor Of Conception

  • 5 90-minute 1:1 Sessions with Shelley ($2500 Value)
  • Weekly On-The-Spot Access to Shelley for 8 Weeks ($1500 Value)
  • Private Facebook group ($197 Value)  
  • Hands-on self-care technique videos ($497 Value)
  • 30 Lessons of wisdom teachings ($1997 Value)
  •  PDF resources ($197 Value)

Total Value: ($6850 USD)

Regular Price: $5250 USD

Today's Price: $3,500 USD
3 Monthly Payments of $1250 USD

What Actual Clients Say...

My work with Shelley changed absolutely everything. She helped scoop me out of a never-ending cycle of despair and instead instilled in me a feeling of hope. The spiritual tools she teaches are a true live saver. If you have a chance to work with her one on one, in whatever way you can, I strongly suggest you do it! The way she shares the Maya Healing Traditions and womb healing self-care brought me back to life. Oh, and the blessing is I have a sweet baby girl who just turned 2. For me and what I went through to get here, I still consider it a miracle. I can now look back on my journey more like the birth of the woman I was becoming. I can see all the wisdom Shelley shared turned me into the strong mother that I am today. Thank you, Shelley! You saved me when I was sinking, and I will forever be grateful for showing me how to change, how to face my fears, and for giving me the tools to transform my mind, nourish my spirit, and heal my body. I tell everyone about you!

- Maria K.

Working with Shelley during my three-year journey to motherhood was critical for my mental, spiritual, and physical health. She supported me through two miscarriages and many more months struggling in despair as my husband, and I tried to start our family. Shelley guided me with practices, support, and hope. She helped me create grounding rituals that I could practice on my own, recommended herbal tinctures and teas, flower essences, and mothering spiritual practices. She filled me with hope when I needed it most. I am forever grateful to have worked with Shelley and am certain that her support, practices, wisdom, and recommendations helped us finally bring our first baby girl into the world. She was there throughout my first pregnancy and then again during my second, helping me with practices and herbs to nourish me. She is loving, and she has a wealth of knowledge; I am forever grateful for the work that Shelley does for mothers-to-be.

- Leah B.

I had struggled with infertility for a long time and was recommended to see Shelley. I thank the stars I connected with her. Shelley provided care unlike any I had received before. It was exactly what I need to overcome my struggles and have a baby! She taught me to connect with my intuition, provided amazing information, showed me how to do the Mayan massage self-care, and combines traditional wisdom with modern practicality. It’s a lifelong path the things you learn with Shelley. I now hold my sweet 5-month-old and chase my busy 3-year-old. I am forever grateful to Shelley for connecting me to an expanded life of healing and wellness.

- Ashley S.

I found Shelley in a dark time of my infertility journey when I was losing hope of having the family I envisioned. During our first conversation, she made me feel comforted because she was able to understand my situation in a way I was still trying to grasp. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to work with her, and during our sessions, she helped me process the fear surrounding my diagnosis. She gave me tools to find a greater sense of spirituality and openness.Every step she has been supportive and wonderful in helping me find peace.

- Samantha S.


Do I have to do all of this perfectly to have success?
Progress, not perfection, is my motto. Do your best to integrate what you can. Move towards not only the parts that come easily to you but also go a step further and take contrary action, meaning doing the things you would usually resist. are practical, healing, and credible. And I am committed to your success. I love the growth!

How long does it take to see results with your program?
Sometimes, all it takes is just a little tilt in the right direction, and the miracle happens. Sometimes the
process requires you to stay with it longer than you expect. It is a fact that It takes most couples with no
diagnosable reproductive problem 12 cycles to become pregnant when everything is timed correctly. When needed, the appropriate course of action may be to walk two paths simultaneously. Work with your medical team and this- your own self-care plan at the same time. 
What happens if I get pregnant in the middle of the course?
I will jump up and down with you! We will celebrate. And I will encourage you to finish the course material. Everything that is taught is helpful and applicable to post-partum care. This work will serve you for the rest of your life. 

What if I feel like I need more support on this journey?
You are welcome to work one-on-one with me. Sessions are set up in a set of four. Many women choose
to work with me privately in addition to the Program teachings. I can also point you in the right direction for other complementary medicine care and resources you may need.

What if I don’t know anything about healing or herbs or traditional medicine already?
Perfect! That means I have the blessing of being the person to introduce you to all of this. For me, this is always an honor.

Can I really become less afraid?

If you are willing to follow my suggestions and try new ways of doing things, including changing your mindset, you are capable of changing this long-standing pattern that grips many of us. I know because I no longer am afraid of the things in life that used to terrify me. I am an experienced guide through the dark on a moonless night. I know the terrain well!

Dear Strong Woman and Mama-To-Be, I have a powerful tool, the best techniques and strategies for self-care that I know will change your journey, that I am sure of. 

I can help you. I know I can because I have done it a thousand times. I can’t promise you an exact outcome. I can, however, give you everything I know and show you how to use it.

BUT there are 3 things I cannot do for you:

  • I cannot make you cross that line and go “the critical inch.” That one is totally up to you. But I will meet you there! 
  • I cannot make you decide to suffer less and learn more. Trust me; I want to give this to you with every fiber of my being. Once again, that choice has to be yours.
  • I can’t make you spend money on self-care if you don’t value what it means for your journey and your outcome.

If you want a different experience, choose a different path. That is what I am offering you.

I’ll be by your side, helping you take the best steps forward, starting right now. That’s what my work will do. Move you along the road to happy fertility. 

Hugs and Huge Blessings,

Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Today you claim your POWER...

The Focus On Your Fertility Now! Program

Vital Self-Care Practices To Tip The Scales In Favor Of Conception

  • 5 90-minute 1:1 Sessions with Shelley ($2500 Value)
  • Weekly On-The-Spot Access to Shelley for 8 Weeks ($1500 Value) 
  • Private Facebook group ($197 Value)
  • Hands-on self-care technique videos ($497 Value)
  • 30 Lessons of wisdom teachings ($1997 Value)
  •  PDF resources ($197 Value)

Total Value: ($6850 USD)

Regular Price: $5250 USD

Today's Price: $3,500 USD
3 Monthly Payments of $1250 USD

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