FEAR Will Not Help You... So Let's Try Something New!
Plus, Honoring the Root Cause and Making Peace with this Process.

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In This VIDEO Training, I’ll Show You How To: 

Honor the Root Cause

There are two types of fear. Fear of not getting something you want or fear of losing something you already have. Begin to better understand the underlying fear and anxiety that you feel and use my top 3 tools to help bring a greater sense of peace to this process.  

Learn to Take Contrary Action

When fear tells you one thing…do the opposite! This means acting on something that scares you. Learn to follow the wise saying that “you can’t think your way into right action, but you can act your way into right thinking.” Action is the key word.  

Reclaim Your Peace of Mind with the 4-Step “Fear inventory” Process  

Without question one of the most valuable tools to cross my path in this lifetime! Credit for this process goes to the life-saving brilliance of Alcoholics Anonymous and belongs to the world of recovery. The Fear Inventory is a perfect tool to deal with the fear you encounter in these uncertain times. 

Use My Personal “Please Protect Me from My Mind Prayer” 

Use this simple prayer to quiet your mind in an instant. With this you cannot hold onto feelings of isolation, despair, self-pity, envy or negative self-talk. Because fear is centered in the mind means we must do something new.

This Video “how-to” teaching will help you honor the depth of the Root Cause and give you 3 simple tools to make peace with this process. 

I will also teach you a 4-step process for dealing with fear that never fails and works in every moment in any situation. 

Remember I said this is a time-tested solution to dealing with fear. What I didn’t tell you is that it is practiced every day by millions of people and is considered a life-saving technique to those who rely on it. 

Having this information and putting the tools to work is your first step to achieving a greater sense of control over your situation and a greater sense of peace in your life. 

Seeing this come to fruition isn’t as hard as you think and this Video “how-to” teaching will show you why!

Hi, I'm Shelley Torgove,
Shelley is a practicing Clinical Herbalist, trained Fertility Awareness Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist. She is an international teacher and nationally recognized botanical medicine practitioner with over 25 years of experience, specializing in herbal medicine for women, fertility issues and menstrual cycle problems.

Through her teaching and private practice work, she shares the wisdom teachings that have been passed down to her from the traditional healers she has apprenticed with in Mexico and Latin America. Shelley’s teachings demonstrate how to weave the working knowledge of Bio-regional herbalism (plants of the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest) with the beauty of Traditional Healing.

Plus... for a limited time I'm also including a very special Bonus:

My Top 5 Self-Care Tools to Nourish Yourself When 
You are Fighting with Fear 

Enjoy these 5 Self-Care Tools! 

Why is self-care so important? 

As women, we heal when we nourish and care for ourselves with remedies and practices that bring us out of our heads and into our hearts. 

These 5 Self-Care Tools are my tried and true go-to’s when fear has me bound up. 

The nervous system is always seeking balance, the mind craving quiet, and the body begs to drop the shoulders. Use these 5 Tips to get out of the anxiety-provoking pattern with ease. 

These five tips will nourish your physical body and relax tension, give you sanity-saving to-dos that bring immediate relief for repetitive thought patterns, and a spiritual solution to soften the entire experience and return you to feeling calm and clear.

Take a Deep breath…There is a Solution! 

Download my Step-by-Step training now that will help you beat fear and regain a greater sense of control and peace in every aspect of your life. 

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