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"Create Your Own  At-Home Herbal Apothecary"

 100 Page herbal E-Book 
“Create Your Own 
At-Home Herbal Apothecary"
"Create Your Own 
At-Home Herbal Apothecary" 
This e-book is hock-full of proven, practical, and delicious healing recipes... 

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This book is a compilation of 25-years of my "best-of-the-best" herbal tips,  medicine making secrets, and fabulous herbal recipes! It includes vital herbal know-how from the super fun stuff like making your own lotions, creams, lip balms, and aphrodisiac love potions. The book also includes essential medicinal recipes, the famous elderberry elixir, and infamous fire cider plus the basics of working with and preparing herbal teas, tinctures, and essential oils. 

This E-book is an herbal GOLDMINE! 

Here's what you get Inside this E-book:

Give yourself a bountiful herbal gift for self-care and fun. 
These recipes are yours forever!

Treat yourself to a copy For Only $7 USD

Hi, I'm Shelley Torgove,
I am a Women’s Health & Fertility Expert. I'm the real deal...I am a practicing Clinical Herbalist and trained Fertility Awareness Instructor and have been working one-on-one with women for over 25 years. I am here to HELP by offering you a truly unique set of tools that have helped hundreds of women just like YOU to become pregnant. 

For 20 years I have worked closely with a group of traditional Maya healers and midwives both in Belize and in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I have been given permission to share with YOU the women’s health wisdom teachings that have so generously been passed down to me. 

On a personal note, I know this process because I have lived it. I had problems getting pregnant and staying pregnant. As hard as it was, I hung in there and am blessed to have a daughter named Lucy who is the light of my life.

I began taking classes with Shelley many years ago, primarily for enjoyment, learning how to make wonderful skin care products and gifts such as moisturizer, bath bombs, herbal teas and aromatherapy. A few years later, Shelley supported me as I developed aromatherapy programs for 2 hospices where I worked as a nurse providing symptom management for patients with pain and anxiety.
More recently, in retirement, I studied herbal medicine with Shelley, creating my own herbal resources and library, making herbal medicines which are beneficial not only for myself, but for family and friends. I feel the training I received has prepared me to move toward a senior herbal practice with the confidence that I have learned how to skillfully prepare tinctures and teas and accurately and safely work with clients.
Shelley brings her wisdom, years of experience working with clients as well as her enthusiasm and deep respect for the plant world into her teaching. I would encourage anyone who is so inclined to study with her.

~ Linda Hudson, R.N.

Check out the herbal treasures you'll uncover inside this incredible herbal e-book... 

Have you ever wanted to know why those sweet little chamomile tea bags don’t do what you
hope they will do? I’ll tell you why- they aren’t medicinal teas unless they made at full-strength with loose-leaf herbs. Find out how properly prepare medicinal teas on page 11.

Have you ever wanted to make your own homemade Elderberry Syrup, but don’t trust the recipes or sources you find online? Find out everything you need to know on page 30.

Ever wondered if you could make even better organic luscious body lotions and fabulous face creams from scratch than the expensive, store-bought, natural brands? Guess what? YOU CAN. Find out exactly how on page 51.

Have you ever wanted to help your teenage daughter solve her skincare
problems naturally with DIY products she can mix up at home with simple ingredients? Find out exactly how on page 55.

Curious if Aphrodisiac Herbs actually work to ignite passion? They DO! Learn about the herbs and make your own Passion Provoking Elixir on pages 78 & 79.

Have you wanted to know exactly how to harvest and dry fresh herbs from your garden correctly, so they retain their aroma and vitality all winter long? It’s easy! Find out how on page 81.

Are you curious which Top 10 essential oils an herbalist and aromatherapist would choose to keep on hand, assuming she could only choose 10? Take a deep breath and find out on page 92.

This herbal e-book contains Shelley's 25 years of herbal expertise complied into a visually enticing how-to, step-by-step guide that includes a booklist, and resources on where to purchase supplies and materials.

It's chalked full of 100 pages of herbal goodness worth over $100 USD... 
Yours for a limited time for only $7 USD!  

You could even print this out, bind It, and give it to friends as a gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I be a complete beginner and still make these recipes?
A: YES, 100%. And you will have a blast creating them.

Q: Where can I buy the ingredients or things online that I may need?
A: I have an herbal booklist and resource list included.

Q: Can I use these practices with my family members and kids?
A: Yes, please do!

Q: Do you offer classes and additional training on this topic?
A: Yes, if you fall in LOVE with herbal medicine by making remedies, don't be
surprised. But don't worry I won't leave you hanging. I have ideas for you
included at the end of the book.

Have a look at what you'll get Inside this Herbal Treasure Trove...

Herbal Skincare for All Seasons
Recipes and tips for making your own 100%  natural skincare products you will love. You will never want to buy toner or moisturizer again!
DIY Herbal Gifts for Every Occasion
Give the perfect gifts that only you can  make. Put a smile on everyone's face when they realize that you created these magnificent gifts from scratch.
Herbal Medicine 101
Gain the know-how of working with loose-leaf herbal teas,  including a recipe for everyone's favorite "Quiet Time Tea." Learn when to choose specific herbal preparations and the advantages of each. This is your
real-life intro into the world of herbal medicine!
Aphrodisiac Potions, Syrups & Elixirs
Warning…totally awesome recipes in this section. You will fall in love with the herbs and the process of making them. These recipes are tried and true and loved by all who have made them over the years. 
Kitchen Culinary Delights
This gives you a jump on using some of your favorite  garden herbs in new ways. Learn to make infused herbal oils and vinegar for marinades as well as a section on how to properly harvest and dry your own
culinary and medicinal herbs.
Herbal Bebidas Sure to Delight! {aka herbal mocktails}
Share, share, share. These recipes and remedies are fun and easy to make. It is always a hit at dinner  parties, stay-at-home date night, or gingerly sipping while at home listening to music in Portuguese. That seems to be the vibe they give off…a mini-vacation 

Give yourself a bountiful herbal gift for self-care and fun. 
These recipes are  yours forever!

Treat Yourself To A Copy For Only $7 USD

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