Don’t miss your calling! Follow your dream to bring herbal wisdom and healing traditions to your community!

This power-packed 12-month online training will plant you 
firmly on your path towards becoming an herbalist.

The role of today's Community Herbalist is to integrate modern clinical uses of plant remedies with the time honored, and earth-centered traditional healing practices that sustain and nourish us deeply.  

We are blessed to bring healing wisdom into a world that needs what we have to offer. Moving forward, your knowledge of local plants and your ability to help will be in high demand. 

My experience is that we get "called" to study herbal medicine. And more so than ever before, there is a potent and pressing desire to be self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family. 

Knowing the plants, being able to make your own medicines and understanding how to safely use herbal medicine is vital. It comes down to successfully being able to put these practices into action!

Dear Prospective Herbalist to be,
If you are not dedicated to living a life of love and service, this program is not for you. 

THIS program is for serious students who have a love of plants, a deep calling to be of service to others and humanity as a whole, and a genuine commitment to carry on the lineage of the teachings that have been passed down to me. 

The Community Herbalist Certificate Program is open to those who are just starting, healthcare professionals
seeking to learn more about herbal medicine, and for those who desire to deepen their knowledge and herbal

The Community Herbalist Program is an ideal place to plant yourself. 

I have been doing this work for 25 years, and I feel blessed to have spent my life dedicated to this work. The teachings that you will receive from me represent a body of work that is uniquely mine, made up of years of client-centered insight, thousands of client tincture formulas, and real-world experiences that are practical, healing, and credible. 

The study of herbal medicine is a life-long pursuit. All of my colleagues that offer what I consider to be excellent herbal studies programs have studied with more than one teacher. Most of us have had primary teachers- both in the US and in other countries. We have had years and years of experience working with plants and people. 

My point is this- it is to remind you that you can study with me NOW and with others later. 

That is how it works! 

  • ​ I weave traditional healing practices learned in Mexico and Latin America into local “bio-regional” herbalism, giving you the best skills of Western Herbal Medicine combined with the earth-centered traditional healing of the Maya culture. It is the gem that sets my work apart from other teachers.
  • ​ As a society, we are no longer simply looking for solutions to health problems; we are seeking natural, earth-centered tools for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The integration of these elements is why students continue to choose my program. 
  • ​I have spent 25+ years working 1:1 with clients. Very few teachers in this field have this level of experience and expertise.
  • This program is fun and informative with tons of every day practical application. It is filled with captivating, real-life storytelling about adventures out picking plants and medicines. You will feel immersed in the medicines of the plants and have concrete know-how that you can put to use after each lesson. 
  • ​ Now is your chance if you have been waiting to study with ME but could not swing the time commitment of weekly in-person classes over the course of a year. There is breathing room to work at your own pace and within the framework of the demands of your life. 
  • ​A Word of Wisdom:  There are less expensive programs out there and you get what you pay for. With this Program you will be interacting with me as your teacher and mentor.  My goal is to provide quality at a price that is fair for you and for me. 
  • ​ I share valuable teachings that come from my personal journey. I am not hiding behind a computer screen. My style is open, honest, personal and engaging. I encourage students to respect me as a teacher but to see me as a real person.
  • As they say, life is short. Go towards what is ripe inside of you. Don't miss following your love of healing plants and the spirit-nourishing elements that can only be felt as a direct result of reconnecting with nature. May your path be filled with flowers, and may blessings be upon YOU! 
  • It seems that we have lost the art of self-care and self-knowledge and how to use plants to heal. Regaining the freedom to take care of ourselves properly is our right; it is not a privilege. Being self-reliant when it comes to handling daily health issues is critical and empowering. 
  • ​​Being part of a learning circle focused on herbs and traditional healing practices will change your life. You will learn herbal medicine, heal yourself, and come out feeling whole and supercharged. You will feel part-of rather than alone. Plants connect people to the earth, to each other, and bring you home to yourself.  
  • ​Many students come from helping professions that no longer nourish them. They are physical therapists, social workers, massage therapists, pharmacists. They join my program, heal from years of working in a world that lacks a healing philosophy. They reclaim their love of  being of service to others and  recover from working in a  system that sucked the life out of them. They join because they are seeking change. And that is what they get. A new sense of purpose in their work and a sense of personal renewal!
  • Other students come from corporate America, and we know what that feels like right? Good "healthcare" benefits but nothing that promotes or leads to good health. They feel drained rather than excited.  They can't wait to get home to their gardens. Do you love gardening and have the desire to learn herbal medicine, but find that there just isn't enough time to work full time, study and take on something new? 
  • Do you feel cut off from the wisdom traditions, do you see women longing to reconnect with women's circles, people seeking a feeling of peace and connection to their gardens, and wishing they felt a connection to powerful ancestral traditions? Do you long to reconnect to a more meaningful way of living and being in this world? ​

About the History of Herbal Medicine in the United States
The United States is one of the only countries in the world that has systematically worked to suppress and eliminate healing traditions that are centered around plants. "The Flexner Report of 1910 transformed the nature and process of medical education in America with a resulting elimination of proprietary schools and the establishment of the biomedical model as the gold standard of medical training." This led to a complete change in how medicine was legally practiced and the closure of the Eclectic Medical Colleges that taught standard practice medicine and botanical medicine together. It was the lopping off of the branch of holistic medicine in the United States. The last medical school that focused on botanical medicine as part of it's primary curriculum closed in Cincinnati in 1939. We have a very unique situation in the US. We have what I call "collective amnesia". People are just discovering that herbal medicine has always been woven into the medical model in most countries around the world. Europe is a prime example. 

Do You Desire... 

  • To feel empowered and secure in your self-care skills and have an herbal pharmacy and gardens at home.
  • To totally change careers, to turn your favorite hobby into paid work.
  • ​ If you feel a deep longing  to connect to the earth and begin to steer your life in a different direction. 
  • ​The time is now! Our knowledge and work are now being respected by the medical model. Herbalists hold wisdom about plants that doctors are wanting and needing to know. 
  • To be helpful, to be of service. To have your hands in the dirt. To know all the plants growing around you and how to make medicines.  
  • ​To enjoy  your work and to make a living doing something that you love and that loves you back


An Unsustainable Healthcare System 
People will continue to augment their healthcare with effective, time-honored remedies to strengthen themselves and become their own first line of defense for preventative care and acute care. Over time more of us are going to lose affordable access to medical care. Take a look around. We are in a total transition. What will health insurance even look like in 2021 and further out into the future?

Self-sufficiency Will Be The Key to Feeling Safe. Making your own medicines, growing healing gardens and, being surrounded by medicinal plants will continue to be critical. Self-care knowledge for yourself, your family and your community will be in high demand. Health insurance and access to medical care may continue to diminish. After 25 years of working as an herbalist in my community, I can say that my work is woven into what folks have come to rely on, seeking the herbal remedies I make, the classes and, consultations I offer. 

True Holistic Solutions
As a society, we are no longer simply looking for solutions to health problems; we are seeking natural, earth-centered tools for physical, emotional, and, spiritual healing. Simple things seem to be better handled with herbs...fear, mood and nervous system issues.

Don’t miss your calling! Follow your dream to bring herbal wisdom and healing traditions to your community! 

 Enjoy the adventure of learning, and before you know it, your knowledge will sprout into experience, and your experience will root into wisdom. And down the road you will proudly call yourself a trained Community Herbalist!

Like the saying goes, be the change you seek in the world.
Trust the earth. Make her medicines. carry a message of experience, strength and hope into a world that needs it.  

It continues to be an honor watching peoples lives change and grow. I have witnessed a total transformation in my community over the many years. I am proud to see all the herbal teachers and practitioners that have blossomed and taken root. And to know that I have had a hand in sprinkling the seeds by sharing my knowledge 
and love of healing plants. 
This delights my spirit and warms my heart.
~ Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

A success story: The unfulfilled pharmacist Blossomed into an Herbalist

Two summers ago, I taught a class at the local botanic gardens. A lovely woman came up to me afterward to tell me how my stories made her cry, mostly tears of joy. And about how my joke of herbalists needing to taste and try everything we make is encouraged- unlike in pharmacy school where the drugs are dangerous and have a long list of side effects. And she kept repeating to me… "and to think that this is where “modern” medicine came from.” She fell in love with a new career dream after spending time with me, went through my Community Herbalist Program, and later finished my Women’s Herbal Program. During her time in my Programs, she went on to do the thing that she wanted yet feared most in the middle of it all. Having a baby and becoming a new mom. Through the teachings I shared, she learned to care for herself and her family which carried through to her pregnancy, birth, and caring for her now 2-year-old child. She must have given me 50 thank you cards over the two years we were together. She always recounted the beautiful and life-changing day she decided to sign up for a class about Botanical Medicine and how it totally changed the unfolding of her life. It changed her career path (of working at CVS as a pharmacist and hating it) to becoming a Community Herbalist specializing in women’s health. She delighted in making and dispensing her own medicines, like pharmacists did in the past. It filled her with a sense of “rebellious pride,” knowing she had indeed returned to the roots of the good old-fashioned pharmacy practice. A life changed, a career blossomed!

What I have developed is a step-by-step system to master the basics and deepen into the details of what you need to know in order to work with plants first and then later with others. 

I learned by starting out as a 21-year-old young practitioner. When I was first in practice, an oncologist at Kaiser I knew asked if I thought I could help any of the women he worked with who were going through chemical or surgically induced menopause- to stop the ovaries from producing estrogen during their breast cancer treatment. I said yes, I quickly called my teacher and asked for his advice, and the next day when I realized what my saying yes meant- my whole life changed. 

Overnight I went from just starting out to having 10-12 women A DAY calling to make an appointment with me. Each conversation started the same way, "Hi Shelley, my doctor gave me your phone number, I am going through breast cancer treatment, and he thinks you might be able to help me with my hot flashes that came on like a storm." They all had different ways of describing this intense transition to no ovarian estrogen basically overnight and how hard it was. 

I literally went through gallons of Fresh Black Cohosh and Fresh Dandelion root tincture that year. Gallons! And I found out how these ladies needed someone to listen to their story, a nourishing high mineral tea and a fresh plant tincture of equal parts Black Cohosh and Dandelion Root and their hot flashes went down by 80%. This kind doctor, who had no real interest in complementary medicine before meeting me, later transformed his whole outlook on his practice of medicine and how he could help his patients. Later on, his son grew up and went to Naturopathic College in Portland, and they worked together as a team for 20 years before he retired. 

How's that for getting started strong right out of the gate!

The same is possible for you...

Imagine a 3 sided triangle- 
what I call "the How to make a living as an herbalist in your community." 
Use my 3-Step Formula...
It always works!

Go on to find your own unique product niche, teaching niche, client niche and create your own programs. 

The Certificate Program contains "Advanced" Modules including Advanced Medicine Making and Advanced Teachings for  Herbalists so you have a solid foundation moving forward.  

Follow your calling, and do what you love while helping others.

Gain multiple streams of income all within this triangle. 

12 months of intensive study that will Plant You Firmly on a path to professional work as a Community Herbalist  

Hello dear plant lover!  join me on this herbal and aromatic adventure. 

* Whether this has been a dream long in the making or a spontaneous, powerful knowing NOW is the time for you to learn 

* Jump in and join me on this herbal medicine adventure.

* As you progress, you will find your own unique product niche, sharing or teaching niche, and helping others niche. 

Knowledge + experience + working with others + making herbal products = SUCCESS 

Are You Ready?

~ Do you own a stack of herb books but Can't find the time to read them?
~ Have You tried to learn on your own but couldn't quite pull it off?
~ Perhaps You enrolled in a program that Didn't hold you accountable to completion?
~ Do You Feel like you've been waiting forever for the right program to come along?

If you answered YES to even one question above.. 
Then you're in the right place! 


The Community Herbalist Certificate Program

This Is A Time-Tested Course That Takes Beginning Students Through The Key Elements Of Learning And The Development Of Skills Necessary To Do This Work And Be A Community Herbalist. 

A 12-month intensive training course focused on  materia medica, medicine making and advanced studies to help you move from student status to an herbalist who is available to help your community, share your plant wisdom and be of service to others. The "Advanced Training" modules will guide you toward your path of working with others. 

Take a 12-month deep dive into the study of 20 of our most important and easily accessed medicinal plants. 

Plants will be taught according to the traditional “materia medica” format: common name, Latin name, part used, the best method of preparation, specific indications and usages, dosage parameters and safety issues, and contraindications. We will also look at how to source both fresh plant material and dry plants for making medicines. 

We will cover beginning botanical identification and understanding plant families plus all major medicine making techniques. 

What's Included?
  • 8 modules with 6 lessons each plus a 4 Free Just-for Fun herbal lessons
  • ​Bonus Aromatherapy for Everyone 4-Part Module to round out your training
  • ​The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants Training is now included
  • ​PDF resource documents for each lesson
  • ​Recipes for each herb we cover
  • ​Quizzes to keep you on track
  • ​The completion of your own Materia Medica notebook
  • ​Certificate of Completion after your final 1:1 work with me

Learn to use every day and easily accessible herbs and medicine making techniques to take care of you and your family following traditional herbal teachings that have been passed down for generations. Most of our great-grandmothers knew much of the information I will teach you, consider this the teaching from your grandmother that you never had! 

This 12-month online training will plant you firmly on your path towards becoming an herbalist. 

Those who wish  to pursue this as a profession will be in an ideal position to move forward. 

Do not wait any longer to follow your dream of learning herbal medicine. 
The time is NOW and, the information  is HERE. 
So let’s get studying, and let’s start looking at what is GROWING all around you! 
This Community Herbalist Certification program is available at this price for a limited time. 

The Community Herbalist Certification Program Normally Sells For...

$4997 USD

Join Today For A One Time Payment of Only $3997 USD 
3 Payments of $1375 USD 


PLUS you'll receive 6 BONUS programs included with your certification: 

  • Bonus: Let's Talk Plants
  • Bonus: Luscious Lotions and Fabulous Creams
  • Bonus: Herbal Holiday Gifts
  • ​Bonus: Oxymels and Fire Cider
  • Bonus: One of my most popular courses Aromatherapy For Everyone 
  • Bonus: The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants

And you'll receive Exclusive Early Bird Access to my Women's Program as soon as it's released! 

What Actual Students Say...

Here's a breakdown of the Community Herbalist Certification Program: 

  • Community Herbalist Program Quarterly Modules including seasonal bonuses ($1497)
  • ​Spiritual Teachings of Medicine Plants ($497)
  • ​Bonus of Aromatherapy ($397)
  • ​Facebook Group: "All Things Herbal" with Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist ($247)
  • ​Group Zoom Calls ($997)
  • ​(3) 1:1 Private Mentoring Sessions ($1000) 

* Advanced Medicine Making ($497)

​* Advanced Herbal Teachings for Herbalists ($2997)
  •  How to put together client protocols
  • ​How to Formulate Tincture Blends
  • ​Dispensing Herbal Products to Your Clients
  • ​Teaching Herbal Medicine in Your Community
  • ​Counseling skills for the herbalist
  • ​How to follow a detailed intake and assessment process
  • ​Cultivate key skills for staying in touch and following up with existing clients. – using client followup logs

Final exit review of projects & Certificate of Completion!

Must be completed within 1 year of purchase. 

This Program is Valued at Over $8000 USD! 

The Community Herbalist Certification Program Normally Sells For...

$4997 USD

Join Today For Only One Payment of $3997 USD 
3 Payments of $1374 USD 


PLUS you'll receive 6 BONUS programs included with your certification: 

  • Bonus: Let's Talk Plants
  • Bonus: Luscious Lotions and Fabulous Creams
  • Bonus: Herbal Holiday Gifts
  • ​Bonus: Oxymels and Fire Cider
  • Bonus: One of my most popular courses Aromatherapy for Everyone 
  • Bonus: The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants​ 
It is a true blessing to get to steep yourself in herbal wisdom! 

It is like taking a nice warm bath in a tub full of Chamomile tea. 
Always a win. 
Gathering this knowledge is a gift you are giving yourself. 
You will immediately begin putting to use what you learn. 

{But beware (in a good way) that when you announce to the world that you are studying herbal medicine people begin lining up looking for help.} 
Enjoy the adventure of learning, and before you know it, your knowledge will sprout into experience, and with time your experience will root into wisdom. 

Hugs & Healing Plants,
Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Listen and Learn from past CHP students...

Catharine McCord

Melana Meyer

Dani Otteson

Monticue Connally

Chrissy Manes

Sondra Hamilton


Why study with me?
The Community Herbalist Program is an ideal place to plant yourself. I have been doing this work for 24 years, and I feel blessed to have spent my life dedicated to this work. The teachings that you will receive from me represent a body of work that is uniquely mine, made up of years of client-centered insight, thousands of client tincture formulas, and real-world experiences that 
are practical, healing, and credible. 
Can I make a living as a Community Herbalist?
Experience has shown me that the answer is a resounding YES! I can pick 7 of my most
dedicated students over the last five years who have a full private practice, teach community
classes, teach at national herb conferences, lead healing adventures in other parts of the world and do this work full-time. They do not have other jobs or sources of income. Their herbal work provides them a bountiful and full life.
What if I don't have a garden and access to fresh plants?
You will find that when you commit to studying herbal medicine, plants show up in your life. A friend offers a garden space that needs tending, or you learn to grow as many herbs as you can in pots. Wild gardens in wild places are open to you once you learn the plants that grow around you.  I will connect you up with the resources you need for  fresh and dried herbs for medicine making! 
How much time do I need to dedicate each week to my herbal studies?
From surveying my current student group, I have found that you can study as little as 2 hours a week or as much as 2 hours a day. What you put into your studies is what you will get out of this program. Even the busiest people find time to do what they truly love- time expands to make 
room for your growth and development as an herbalist. {A little word of wisdom: Don’t let those plant-filled pages pile up!
Oh, and  for the LATIN names- Sticky notes everywhere…that seems to be the trick.} 
How do I develop the trust and confidence needed to work with herbs and work with others?
There is no magic formula to this, but I know that there are a variety of professional skills that you will gain by studying, a certain level of mastery that comes with memorization, and that hard work and repetition make herbal information stick. But the saying that "you cannot give away what you do not have" holds doubly true when it comes to herbs.  Being an herbalist wraps many skill-sets into one. It's like a tea formula. your skills will get refined over time. 
What will I do if someone's health issues are entirely too complicated for my skill level? 
My answer here is simple. You are an herbalist. Do not take on a role that is not appropriate for
your level of training. I teach that the more complicated a person's health picture, or the more medications a person is taking, the more simple my herbal protocol becomes. It is the "do no harm" model we all seek to follow. With simple, nourishing herbs, it is easy to help those you do not know how to help. And to do so in a safe way.
OK, dear prospective herbalist here is where the rubber meets the road. I can teach you herbal medicine, that I am sure of. BUT there are two things I cannot do for you.

1. I cannot get you to say yes to your dream or heed your calling.
2. I cannot make you put in the hours needed to accomplish your learning goals and create the life you
want. I can show you how, but I cannot do it for you.

However, I do have a solution for how YOU can handle both issues if they happen to be hurdles for you.

As far as decision making goes, you need to ask yourself a few heart-centered questions. And then you need to trust the answer, not second guess yourself and then move forward decisively. These questions are best asked outdoors if possible, and if not, then in a quiet meditation by simply going inward. 

Do I love the idea of being an herbalist and working with plants enough to commit my whole self to this  endeavor? Better yet, do I trust my own intuitive wisdom that has repeatedly (or for some of you almost magically) brought me to this decision-making moment? Hint: every significant move that I have made that has turned me into the woman I am and led me to the work I do has scared me so much that it almost immobilized me OR it excited me so much that I almost couldn't sit still. So being able to hold the paradox of feeling scared AND excited at the same time and being able to say YES is key! 
That is big  medicine, and it is a teaching you will use to help others.  

Now about motivation. How to keep it rolling when the going gets tough and the hours get long, or the end feels almost out of sight? To me, that is easy. Just do the next right thing. That means following your own intuitive wisdom that is ever-expanding and will teach you to take action. In fact, take contrary action! Did you know that 99% of getting something done is just starting? As my favorite author Elizabeth Gilbert once said, the problem with the perfectionist is not that she won't get it right. She won't even start because fear stops all growth and good things in its tracks. Don't let that happen to you. Just keep going. 

I have created all kinds of cool things in this lifetime- awesome herbal products, multiple retail herbal boutique stores, a super successful private practice, and innovative teaching programs. I've even succeeded at something as far out as taking students to Belize and Mexico to learn from the traditional healers and midwives and made a living doing it- and in three languages- we go back and forth from English to Spanish to Maya. Some would call that crazy. I call it exciting! 

What I am saying here is the sky is the limit. There was no path for me to follow. I was a pioneer. Let me give you a gentle push and say, go for it. You can be and do whatever it is you want to do in this life. And my experience is that having the core skills of being an herbalist and plant person is like drinking a concentrated green drink every morning!  It is a superpower that will take you wherever your heart desires. Herbalists have the power of the plants on their team. Yes, we have a superpower!

My motto is, "it's got to work in Heaven and on Earth." Herb work is just that. It works in both realms for all who put their heart in and dedicate themselves to it.

You will be profoundly rewarded living a creative life of love and service, and you will make a living doing what you love!
Just do the next right thing…learn herbs!

Hugs & Healing Plants,

Let's Journey Together! 

The Community Herbalist Certification Program Normally Sells For...

$4997 USD

Join Today For Only One Payment of $3997 USD 
3 Payments of $1374 USD 


PLUS you'll receive 6 BONUS programs included with your certification: 

  • Bonus: Let's Talk Plants
  • Bonus: Luscious Lotions and Fabulous Creams
  • Bonus: Herbal Holiday Gifts
  • ​Bonus: Oxymels and Fire Cider
  • Bonus: One of my most popular courses Aromatherapy Training
  • Bonus: The Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants​




Dear Herbalist-to-be,
I am here to help answer your questions. I can help you clarify your goals and troubleshoot your questions. Click on the "Schedule Your Call Now" button above to schedule a chat with me.

To prepare, all you need to do is make yourself a cup of tea and bring your list of questions!

I look forward to cheering you on and celebrating your dreams and the vision you hold for your future! I’m also here to go head to head with any fear you may have. Remember, fear does its job very well. It works to stop all good things in its tracks and squash dreams. Let’s not choose that path!

I want to see you blossom and grow into the herbalist you want to be! My superpower is helping you develop both impeccable herb skills and unstoppable COURAGE!

Hugs & Healing Plants!
Talk to You Soon,

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